Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Beaded hair accessories, bags, and jewelry made with recycled leather

Custom beadwork and festival fashion accessories

Custom work

Custom set for a lovely Beatles fan

For custom beadwork,

send me a description of what you'd like in what ever means you have (photo, drawing, description) to my email on this site, my social media messaging, or Etsy convo.


*I will not require a deposit for hair or fashion accessories. For me this means that as long as I feel I can resell the item I will just make it and your approval will be it's purchase. I will send work in progress pics and post to ~my Instagram 


~Color suggestions only for regular keychains, Stealie keychains we can talk. 

~ No refunds on custom orders.


~~~~Ihope this sounds good, I'm thinking it sounds good to me (~);}

****This is a note about beads, I occasionally use beads that are antique and some whose value in color supersedes the longevity of the finish. I treat those beads and often apply a finish, but some will fade and some will chip. I think it adds to its cool. A permanent marker will do a nice touch up.

***** Items made with leather should not get wet, wearing your barrette in the rain should withstand time, but carrying your bag will damage it. 🤔 😊 💜 


Etsy Shop News 😎🧡🖤🌎

Big sale on in my Etsy shop!

My Etsy shop is stocked for the holidays and really on sale this weekend. I'm going to keep a sale going throughout the shipping deadline holiday shopping season. If you subscribe to my newsletter below, I'll keep you posted. 😎😉👍🏼

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Hi my bakedalaskandesigns family, I've recently shifted my opinion on advertising tactics.
 Honestly,  getting out there with all kinds of advertising isn't practical for me, my pieces take ages to make and I could never create them fast enough. Earrings can take a bit, but handbags with beadwork takes weeks.:)
I've hooked up with Patreon to try and develop a small community of me the maker and you the lover of what I make. You can pledge to just support me with your love or a dollar, or even a monthly pledge that offers a monthly creation. Any way you look at it, I'll be showing you what's new on my bench in festival fashion accessories , first grabs at what's heading to my shop, demos and more.
  I really only desire a small group of peeps that love what I do and care to support me. I humbly ask you to take a look and see if this is something that seems engaging. Thank you profoundly from my heart for all the amazing love and support. 💜🌞📿🧙‍♀️
All patreon supporters will receive an etsy shop discount.🌞💜😊

Custom Stealiebarrettes


I still make my old style  stealiebarrettes, if you would like one I'd suggest taking a look at my Instagram page for ideas. Then drop me a line here and I'll make it happen. 😊💜👍🏼





Very soon, I'll try and answer some faq's


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